Welcome to our lifestyle magazine for wheelchair users!

Here we offer a wide range of suggestions for real lifestyle activities, exciting projects, and exceptional personalities. We feel it’s about time to get rid of the image of  being “handicapped” , and of approaching our lives in a new positive way. Aren’t we also singular human beings with various talents and goals? Haven’t we also a lot to contribute? We, the Rolling Elephants, see ourselves as a network, and we strongly hope many more activists will join  us – people who want more and who won’t allow themselves to be pushed aside!

 What exactly defines your own personal lifestyle?

We, the Rolling Elephants, have set our minds on creating up-market functional wear for all those wheelchair users who look for highest quality in their clothing. In our lifestyle magazine we tell you from an inside point about all those small and big adventures that come with this venture, and we hope you’ll feel as intrigued with them as we ourselves do.