Our Philosophy


The Rolling Elephants Community is an extraordinary network for wheelchair users and people with other handicaps who see their unusual life in a positive way, and who want to take an active part in forming and shaping their life and the society around them. The community offers concrete possibilities for that besides providing an incentive. With this extraordinary lifestyle magazine we demand and encourage the development of better self-esteem in extraordinary people by a new and different way of communication and unselfconscious self-expression. We offer to all our members a heightened feeling of being alive, because everybody can reveal their ideas and their plans according to individual capability. So others are able to participate and to share - to everyone's advantage. We see ourselves as a place of development and learning where people constantly discover they can create their own reality – and that they can change it.


We specifically aim to convey positive values. 

Any negatively biased input will be rejected, also contributions under the famous heading "support". We leave these aspects to others. After all things have to be contemplated from at least both sides. Perhaps our members are forced to accept tragedy in their lives. It's even probable that they are, and certainly for some of them it might be difficult to find their life making much sense. But life follows its own rules and assigns different tasks to everyone. And some people – whatever the reason may be – end up with really hard tasks indeed. Life is hard; sure, we do know that. This should be clear to you, right from the beginning. But all the same there are still two ways of approaching life. You can always – no matter in what kind of circumstances – see and experience things in a positive or in a negative way. We have decided to accept life as it is, and to live it in a positive way. We have set out to shoulder our responsibility by outlining this perspective.
The time has come to live this life in a positive way!


Everybody lives according to a world of mental images. We are all aware that these images are involuntarily shot through by promotional messages. Advertising is very important these days in defining our opinions and moral concept. We practice marketing, too. In all the articles we publish we offer messages to our customers. One message we deliberately want to spread is to induce
courage to live an active life 


Selected themes in our lifestyle magazine offer a stimulant to try out a different way of seeing your own life. In doing that we certainly just are in the early stages, and certainly we are not perfect. But we appeal to all our activists to do their part in upgrading and improving their magazine.

Nobody can rightfully expect us to be perfect.
But you can expect us to do what we can.
And that's exactly what we are about! 


This is our company motto, and every activist writing for the magazine should make it his or her own. In this world where everything and every person is mercilessly forced to be perfect this message should give some relief to all those who obviously don't meet the general requirements to be young, beautiful, attractive, successful, and experienced. It's so easy to loose courage and self-esteem in an environment like that! So do what you can, not what a sick society deems perfect! And do have the courage to value yourself and to undertake things! 


We invest a lot of energy and time in our cartoon site. But we also enjoy the activities and experiences of the six funny freak Rolling Elephants thoroughly. Of course we hope that our readers will like them, too. Meeting even more difficulties than real elephants who - caused by their size - have to fight for survival in a constantly dwindling environment, our lovable human elephants with their various limitations must definitely be called elephants with handicaps. On the other hand they are simply perfect – for us and for their task in conveying a positive treatment of life's aspects. We understand our cartoon site as a carefree communication centre. Here the newest cartoons report about extraordinary people confronting the ordinary day-to-day insanity surrounding them. Full of criticism and of venomous allusion they actually address all those bone-headed people stubbornly refusing to accept that life works out in a different way for different people. But of course there's also a fair amount of hearty self criticism involved. So enjoy each week's new Rolling Elephants cartoon!

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