Who will be lucky enough to soar during their vacation?

Sometimes projects lead to more exciting activities. A photo-shooting and a product test for Rolling Elephants developed into a documentary, into a special made kite buggie for wheelchair users, and – last not least – into a custom made holiday offer for the adventurous!

All the people somehow getting wind of the project were fascinated. So involvement and dedication sprang up, and everyone wanted to try out the buggy and go flying above and along the sandy beach…

In the end the team of JoinUsOutdoors decided without further ado to spread news about their kitebuggy by help of a special holiday offer. We think this a marvellous idea! Wheelchair or not wheelchair – you can check out this fascinating adventure for yourselves now. The Emerald Island Ireland with its breathtaking scenery and beaches offers ideal conditions for such activities, and we are quite sure that your most exciting moments will not take place in the cosy pubs…

Not really everyone will be able to take part, though, as the season is short, and the groups have to be small. So better book soon!

You can find more information at joinusoutdoors.com. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Good luck to you!

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