There are a lot of people around who spend time outside regularly,  for instance people like me having to take their dog for walkies every day, never mind the weather. All of them are well acquainted with the old problem: pants tend to get dirty or damp, and you spend much valuable time with changing clothes before and after your excursion… So now I am very happy indeed to be one of the first proud owners of the brand new Re’s chaps!

Just a flick of the wrist and the chaps cover my clean outfit for the office job. Now all I need is the lead and, of course, the ball, and the morning entertainment for my dog is on its way. Afterwards, when we return both tired out and panting, but satisfied and full of fresh air, I only need to clean up the doggie, take off and hang up the chaps to dry, do a quick mirror-check, and I am off to work.

The chaps can be easily cleaned later by simply brushing them. The chaps definitely passed their hard-core test on Ireland’s beaches, where they had to prove their qualities more than once: they really are waterproof, sturdy, and functional.

I already got the makers of this novelty to promise developing even smarter versions of the chaps.  Anyway, I won’t stop whining until I have managed to eke out a solution even for my last personal wheelchair problem!

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